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How does "sandless" floor refinishing work?

Jun 26

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What is the process of sandless floor refinishing?

Every homeowner should know the responsibility of keeping a well maintained house so that it will last for many years. Because let’s admit it, a dream house won’t be as good as day one as years go by. Especially if there is no proper maintenance by the owner and if it experiences some disaster that we can not avoid.

One of the areas that are always in use is the floor, it is the first thing that easily gets dirty, and everyone will notice that. And if you have a wood floor, it would be impossible not to have scratches, dents, stains, and other impurities that can decrease its beauty. Floor refinishing is a quick and budget friendly solution to that compared to replacing everything.

Just like a replacement, refinishing a floor that is made of wood is definitely messy. All the dust from sanding the wood will annoy you, especially if you are allergic to dust. But after that, you will be happy when you see the shiny result. You will feel like it is brand new for it will freshen up the room and give you a great vibe at a low cost.

Because of that, some people wonder if is there any way of refinishing without sanding. Yes, there is. But the result won’t be as great as being sand. Yes, it can remove old floor wax and some minor stains. But heavy stains, scratches, gray areas because of oxidation, dents, and the sun fade will not be removed when sanding is not part of the process.

So how does sandless floor refinishing work? From the word sandless, this process of floor refinishing does not include sanding. The flooring contractor will use a refinishing machine with abrasive pads and a liquid chemical to scrub off the unwanted dirt that is already sticking to the surface. And because there is no sanding involved, the dirt and dust have just remained in the liquid solution which is the advantage part of choosing this process. After that, the protective sealer will be applied to make it shiny and can last long years.