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Newcastle Beach

May 28

About Newcastle Beach

It's not every day that you get to enjoy the perfect wave off of your own coast, but for those who live near Newcastle Beach, it is an everyday occurrence. Lifeguards are present seven days per week during swimming season and will help protect visitors from dangerous waters so they can have fun in safety too! This is one of our most popular beaches, with cafes and kiosks right at its heart. It's also close by to Newcastle Mall for all your shopping needs! You'll find several water events happening here.

Newcastle Beach is one of the most famous surf spots in Australia. With its perfect waves, it has become a favourite spot for board riders looking to catch that magical moment when they ride up onto sand with clean water between their toes and take off again into another set luring you in deeper before delivering an expertly-timed punchline that leaves everyone laughing out loud until there's not even enough air left inside your lungs anymore - then all becomes silence as everything comes crashing down around them (and hopefully backseat)

Beach Newcastle

What to do in Newcastle Beach

The best way to burn off all that homework is by playing some ball in our beautiful facilities! We have nets, change rooms and even a kiosk for when you need something.

The most popular beach in Newcastle, this spot has something for everyone! With cafes and restaurants nearby along with hotels that are close by- it's no wonder why so many people love visiting Beach right at the heart of their action. Home to several water events including The Nudie Australia Boardriders Battle National Final you'll find there is always an event or two going down when visited by tourists from all around our beautiful country.

Newcastle beach

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