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Can Tile Be Cut After It's Been Installed?

Apr 18

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Is an installed tile can be cut?

It is peoples’ nature to keep innovating to come up with new trends to follow. And when it comes to architecture, many new ideas can make you want to apply them to your lovely abode.

One of the most common ways to make your home attractive and modern is having tile installation. Choosing the right color and design is very important. Make sure to mix and match it to your wall. But others choose it according to their character. The advantage of having a tile floor is it is easy to clean, water-resistant, durable, unique, and eco-friendly.

But to those people who already have it installed perfectly but need to fix a thing under it, can they cut some part of the ceramic tiles? How can they make sure that there will be no cracks and errors? Well, there is no assurance of that if it is just an attempted do-it-yourself work because even those tile installers which we consider an expert in this can still make errors in cutting it.

But if you’re a fan of doing it yourself, here is how to do it. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that there are no children or pets in your house. Open the door and windows to have good ventilation. Transfer all the things that are in that area. And cover those furniture that you can’t transfer so that it won’t be covered with the crystalline silica dust from the tiles. Use a pencil to mark the part that you need to cut, and use tape to avoid chipping edges.

Before you start, you should wear proper protective gear to avoid any unwanted accidents. Prepare some water to sprinkle the dusty area and a vacuum. And if it is necessary, you should put a fan that’s facing the window or door. Because this type of dust is one of the silent killers.

An angle grinder is a tool used to cut a tile. And a Dremel tool or a tile file is to make the rough spot smooth. But before you start cutting and being dusty, have yourself a helper to help you with some other task to finish it the way you want it. Or better yet just call your nearest tile installer to have it professionally done.